I am back after a long and nice vacation with my family. A lot has happened, and I am starting on a new life. 🙂 I will start to study again. I am really happy for my descision, and it is the perfect time for me to change my career. My new study is also about some music, and I will tell you more later.
I will start next week, so now I need to tight up in a lot of things and prepare myself for my new life. I am going to be a lot more busy now with a lot of homework.

I also have my art art exhibition soon. So I am really busy painting. I live in an area called Ørestad, and my doctor wanted me to make a painting for her waiting room with elements from Ørestad. Take a look below. I am very satisfied and it is nice that my doctor is so thrilled about my paintings, that she already bought four. I think it is a good idea to have some nice, colorful and happy paintings in the doctors waiting room. To finish my paitings I use the magic poscas. I use them to highlight all the small details. I really love them, and could never make a painting without. 🙂 You can see the few paintings I have left for sale here .


I found this video in my private archive and wanted to share it with you:) It is a never released behind the scenes video from the Sirenia song : My Minds Eye: