It is raining outside and getting colder and colder here in Denmark. But I actually like when the seasons change. Maybe it is because I love doing so many creative things inside. When the weather is really good I always feel guilty, when I am doing something inside the house. Do you know the feeling?:)

So now I “finally” had the chance to make my craft room/corner. Yes! The bookcase with all the small things is a plate rack I had in the kitchen. In the kitchen I didn’t use it for anything important, and it is perfect for the craft corner. You can have a lot different small things in it, and it is small, so you can have it on the table. The table is two tables I pushed together. I am so happy about this place. It is also going to be my music studio, where I can record vocals for the new project. Welcome winter- I don’t care cause I have thousands of things to do, and a great place to do it:)

I had the chance, to finish it before the kids got home. I was really excited to show the corner to Frigg, cause she loves to make creative things. My son Falke is not old enough yet. We bought the pink desk chair for my daughter on a secon hand market.

She was so thrilled about the corner, and we immediately started using it.

In the weekend we collected some pinecones, and we wanted to make something funny with them. So we decided to paint them with my acrylic colors. When they were dry we tied them on a ribbon and woila- you have a nice autumn decoration.

Interested in seeing more?:) My bedroom