The beautiful little sister girl in the Sirenia: The Other Side video must be about 20 years old now. Wow! I don’t know who she is. She just came to the recordings with her father, and when she was finished her father took some pictures of us together. She was so nice and sweet. I remember when we recorded the scene, you see on the picture here. It took a long time, and I had to look in her eyes the whole time. I was so close to start laughing one time, but she was just looking at me with her big beautiful eyes without moving at all. So impressive for a little girl.

Actually I am glad that I don’t know who she is, In my world she is that strange little beautiful girl that I couldn’t talk to (she didn’t understand english). My moments with her were so magic. The intensity and look in her eyes. I actually felt that she was my little sister, and that I needed to take care of her. Sweet little mysterious girl.