I have always been a happy person. When I say happy I mean positive. I have also had bad periods of course.But somehow I always find a way out and stay positive (“But don’t we all?”)

I can be happy about even the smallest things in life. A flower, the view from our living room (the picture above), when my neighbor gave me this wonderful chair instead of throwing it out:

Get up in the morning and put on a colorful dress, a drawing, music, when I am painting, decorate my home and making healthy food.

Yesterday evening I looked at this drawing from my daughter who is 3 years old. She made it for a girl in the kindergarden. I didn’t notice before now, that she started drawing hair on people. It is so cute. I was so happy looking at this drawing. Thinking about how fast my little girls is growing up, and how we have to enjoy even the smallest moments in life. Looking at this drawing was my happiest moment for a long time. Isn’t that funny?

What makes you happy?